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Welcome to my page, where photography is a great adventure.

It has been more than fifteen years since I started xploring and experimenting with photography.

Photography is everywhere, and I love every single aspect of it and each minute spent doing it.

Knowing much about it and being open to any aspect of photography

with a fresh flow of ideas that is what comes to me with this passion.

I take an astonishing amount of pleasure executing a wedding, family, children,

landscape, macro, long-exposure of just infra-red photography;

simply everywhere I go there is always a camera with me.

Have a look yourself at two of account I hold for years now Flick or 500px to see for yourself.

Scottish landscape has to offer much great inspiration in every season, reach culture,

outstanding heritage and never boring weather.

Who does not like soaked willies and gale force winds, right?

To face even most demanding photographic assignment,

I work with professional Canon gear.

Just to sums up why my services are “worth the price”:

· 10-years experience behind the belt

· an open-minded and creative photographer

· I turn up with two cameras at hand, so there is always a backup

· 100% dedication to delivering quality each time

· rapid delivery some photographs delivered to you within 24 hours assignment

· situational sensitivity and pelled eyes to catch the most important moments – naturally

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